jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010

Un aporte para Marie y la media

Zapatillas con aire acondicionado!!

Los que patentaron el invento dicen:

Cool Shoes
US Patent Issued In 1994

Do you think sandals are the coolest thing in footwear on hot summer days? Not any more! Now that Cool Shoes, the air conditioned shoes have been invented. How cool are they? Check this out... they have a mini-network of heat exchange coils built into their heels. And, they're gravity powered, making them environmentally friendly. That's right, with every step you are activating the compressor chamber and forcing cool air up into your shoe via a rubber whoopee cushion for the sole. The foot sole that is. In principle, we love this idea. We just hope they don't make little farting sounds as you take each step.

3 comentarios:

  1. pero no pesarán mucho? se considerará como doping?

  2. y para cuando la calza con aire acondicionado? para el frescor tuteal

  3. además viene con extra taco por si querés saltar garrocha!